We tell stories through media relations, employee communications, copywriting, speechwriting, newsletters, email design and distribution, web design, event organisation, posters, flyers, desk drops, text messaging and more.

Those are the things we can do but our services are actually (1) empathy and (2) articulation.

Nine times out of 10, client-agency relationships fail because the agency doesn’t understand what the client wants to say and/or can’t articulate it.

At a time when people’s attitudes and expectations towards business and the environment are changing rapidly, there is no room for getting your PR half right.

So if your present agency is both empathetic and articulate, please don’t call us – you’ve found a gem and we doubt we could do better.

But if it isn’t, why not call us? Brecon or Karen, on 01666 505632, or email us at pr@ambergate.biz.