Current clients

Alphabet (the leasing arm of BMW Group)

The Miles Consultancy (Europe’s leading mileage audit and fuel expense specialist)

Other work

We do a lot of copywriting and proofing work. Companies for whom we’ve recently worked on material include the National Trust, the British Computer Society, the Fuel Card Company and others.

Email newsletter production and distribution is another speciality. We offer a full HTML design service, with the facility to merge personalised content into individual messages as they’re sent out.

Past experience

Over the years we’ve run a wide range of B2B and consumer campaigns for clients as varied as England’s biggest vineyards and a major international accountancy firm.  We have a particular specialisation in the automotive and leasing sector, with a special interest in helping firms meet the considerable challenges posed by Peak Oil and Climate Change.

These can not be wished-away or greenwashed-over by PR: they require deep understanding of the fundamental changes being wrought in the economy by lowering energy consumption (which is the inescapable corollary of both peak oil and efforts to combat climate change). The blog is the best place to follow this argument and find out more.